• gina-din-kariuki

    Boss Playa: GINA DIN KARIUKI

    GINA DIN KARIUKI Attending the London School of Journalism and then working at Barclays for 14 years, Gina Din Kariuki became a Boss Playa by starting […]

  • No Image

    Straight Outta China

    The Chinese Mega Company Dalian Wanda Group or better known as just Wanda, just made another bold move as it purchased Legendary Entertainment. All my […]

  • Stressin'...wit no human rights and no Netflix in North Korea.

    Netflix got no Chill

    Netflix Plans to invest $5 Billion on original programming in 2016. The focus is to grow on the top line and increase the price of their stock. […]

  • Black Power twitter


       A few Days a ago, John Jennings, a talented designer, illustrator, writer, and associate Professor at SUNY Buffalo, made quite the social media buzz with […]

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