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Martine Rothblatt and Wife Bina Rothblatt

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Tech Gurus and experts say we are only about 10-20 years away from being able to download our thoughts memories and beliefs into a computer, and have a complete digital version of ourselves.

Meet Martine Rothblatt, one of the most amazing minds today in the Artificial Intelligence Movement, who is pioneering the frontier of transferring your conscious into a digital state:

She is one of the Highest Paid female CEO’s, worth about $38 million in 2013martine140908_2_560

  1. Created the FCC Satilete Radio Service and that led to Sirius radio.
  1. One of Rothblatt’s children was diagnosed with PAH ( pulmonary arterial hypertension ) So to combat the disease she started a company called United Theraputics in 1996. The company is now worth over $5 Billion.
  2. One of her most ambitious projects are mind clones. Which is making a copy of a persons memories and beliefs, and infusing that with some powerful coding allowing an individual to live for ever, digitally anyway.
  3. Rothblatt lives as a Transgender woman and is married to Bina Rothblatt, and has created an artificial intelligence robot named Bina48 whose personality is modeled after her wife Bina.

Check out the Robot version of Martine’s Wife Here:



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