Is Snap Chat Worth $15 Billion???

Alibaba (BABA (NYSE) recently invested $200 million in the company putting the picture sending/erasing company’s value at around $15 billion

I mean wow, like $15 Billion dollars?!?!

That’s the Point! How do you quantify that an APP is worth that much? Many of these apps are free so they don’t bring in purchase or subscription income, so how do they make money?

Analytic information my dude.

Yep that’s right! Most of these apps make money by selling your analytic information, meaning, what you like, what you think is kool ,what stores and restaurants you frequent, where you go out, and a whole bunch of other consumer habits.

Oh yea! we know where you’re meeting and what you ordered, don’t try and tell us that’s just water mm hmph.


Okay nothing new, but is that info worth $15 Billion?

I mean the average user provides Google with $500 dollars worth of analytic information a year.

So you telling me the analytical info you give Snap Chat is worth $19Billion

Well…hmmmm, let’s look at recent FaceBook purchase Whats APP

Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $22 Billion. WhatsAPP Claims around 700 Million Active Users.

22 Billion Divided by 700 Million equals’ mmmmmmm 31.42 and a few other numbers in a few other decimal places behind that.

So face book paid just under $32 dollars a head, for a peek into your consumer and swag habits. Info that can be sold to marketing companies, and other corporations looking to sharpen their advertisements, to better get you fienin’ for their products.

And as the number of Snapchat users grow, the deal looks sweeter and sweeter for whoever buys Snapchat. I mean, think about it, Facebook bought instagram for 1 Billion in 2012, and back then Instagram had 35million users, now it has about 300million. So Facebook paid a little under $3.50 cents for access to all your info and pictures that’s all up on instagram, bruh, bruh.

Damn…maybe SnapChat is worth $15 Billi.

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