Amazon Dash

Like I get it, Amazon is about to make another niche of shopping Porn.

Its kool, again, I get it, the only thing is… couldn’t we just make this an APP?

Am I supposed to have one of these dash buttons all over my house for every product that I would like to refill?

Like how come this just can’t be a separate APP on my phone!?  Like the” Amazon Dash APP”.  How come I need the buttons all up in my residence?  I’m just sayin’

Let’s look at some of the products that are available for a dash button:


O’Lay  ( you don’t ever want to run out of that smhilky smhoothness)

Maxwell house ( SSShhfffhnuh, if we run out of coffee as soon as I press it some better pop up ASAP)

Smart water


Gerber ( Baby gotta eat! Press the button!)


Kraft mac and cheese

Larabar ( Dem joints is Gluten free)

That’s like Nine buttons right there! Like do I have to have them all around the house? or do I stick them all to a side of the same cabinet door? or do I just throw ‘em in a sock drawer?

Like for real, why can’t this be an app?

How do they Stick to the wall? Velcro? Glue? Gluten free glue?

Does it damage my wall? Is these joints solar powered, or battery powered, and if so, how long does that juice last?

I’m saying though, can we just make this an app, like on our phones?

These joints use Velcro?

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