The Block is Hot!

The Block is hot!

And the Super rich are feeling the heat from the fact that people are pretty pissed! With income stagnation, dismal economic opportunities, and environmental pollution that is crippling lives.

With all the civil unrest and protest, it looks like the average world citizen is not going to take it anymore. Soon there will not be enough internet porn, social media ego fuel, and video games, to sedate the angry population of the planet.

The average world citizen feels trapped in a situation where they see no betterment of their immediate economic situation, and foresees a bleak economic and environmental future for their children.

So what are the head of corporations, the superrich, and hedge fund uppers doing? They are planning their escape just in case the proverbial caca hits the fan.

So what is one of these bastions of safety for the uber-rich and financial elites. Well, how about sunny New Zealand!?!

aircraft-new zealand

There has been an increase purchases of land, houses, farms, and airstrips in new Zealand.  The reason for these purchases are threats from all the riots and civil unrest throughout the world. So in order for the superrich to escape these potential threats to them from a possible global meltdown and financial crisis, they have have decided to be out.

So what is so appealing about New Zealand that is making the Uber rich from U.S.A, U.K., and Europe invest in setting up their safe havens there?:

  • New Zealand has one of the best rates of renewable energy of any OECD country with 36.47%.
  • Difficult to get to due to its geographic location.
  • Is a food producer.
  • Has a low crime rate
  • Is not Densely Populated.
  • Ranked #3 by Forbes in “Best Countries for Business” List


So get your mind and your money right, and start researching ( Insert link: what countries or states, you would like to relocate to just in case everything gets real…ugly.

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