Boss Playa: Nipsey Hu$$le & The New Business Model

The New Business Model

Nipsey Hu$$le is the new face of the not only Hip Hop, but how to make money in the Music Industry.

Nipsey born Ermias Asghedom is of Eritrean descent, and is an incredibly intelligent, business savvy and street legitimate entrepreneur.

“At the highest levels of business that’s their motto, Equity… What’s Kool, What’s the bragging rights, going platinum? Selling a certain amount of units? That used to be the measure of success, but to me it’s like; what do you own? Do you own something? What’s your position? Can you make things move? Do you have power? Do you have true power? Do you have control of your destiny?” –Nipsey Hu$$le

He took it to the next level by selling his Mix Tape CRENSHAW for $100 a pop and it sold well. Jay Z was so impressed that he purchased one hundred copies. Nipsey sold over 1,000 copies of Crenshaw… again…at $100 DOLLARS apiece. The album was available online to purchase and also download for free.

What Makes Nipsey Hu$$le Different may be because he is the millennial version of Tupac, raw street rhymes laced with a political conscious, but also he embodies Shawn Carter business acumen, a combination that with his authenticity, has him as the true peoples champ of today’s music stars.

At the End of his track Overtime Nipsey Says:

“It’s like I feel it’s a looming question over the entertainment industry, what’s the new business model, and to me the people that lead to that answer, and lend their intelligence, their hustle, their effort,  their mind power, or whatever they can offer to that question and to come up with an answer to that, is the most important thing going on.”

Nipsey Hu$$le with Malcom X Chain
Nipsey Hu$$le with Malcom X Chain

Nipsey was signed to Epic records but left the label in 2010 and has been independent since, Even though he gets many offers he refuses to sign until he is offered a label and partnership, giving him ownership and control over his capital. He currently runs his own Label called ALL MONEY IN.

“The Business model creators…the giants are going to be the creators of the (new) business models…that’s what we are trying to do with this proud to pay and this disruptive media collaboration I’m doing with Ryan Leslie.” -Nipsey Hu$$le

You can check  an in depth interview with Nipsey here:

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