Straight Outta China


The Chinese Mega Company Dalian Wanda Group or better known as just Wanda, just made another bold move as it purchased Legendary Entertainment.

All my Uber nerds know Legendary has a co-production and co-finance deal with Warner Bros., and has put out Man of Steal, and the Christopher Nolan Batman Films such as the Dark Knight. Legendary pictures has also released hit films such as 300, Inception, Jurassic World, the Hang Over series and Straight outta Compton. The purchase also makes Wanda the owner of Chris Hardwicks Nerdist Industries.

The purchase of Legendary Entertainment by Wanda, establishes China as an official player in the western media Film and TV market, making Wanda the first Chinese company to own a major Hollywood studio. Chinese Box office ticket sales increased 49% in 2015 generating around $6 billion in ticket sales, creating an intense interest for Chinese business big dogs to get in on the action.

U.S. President Obama meets with Wang Jianlin


Wang Jianin done flip’d da script, coming up from spending 17 years in the Peoples Liberation Army to now leading Wanda Corp as it’s Chairman and making himself a big deal maker. He initiated deals such as the $8.2 billion  investment plan in hollywood in 2013, with support from hollywood A-Listers such as Harvey Weinstein, Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman, to the current deal of purchasing Legendary Entertainment.

In 2015 Forbes listed Wang Jianlin as China’s richest person with a net worth of $30 billion.



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